What people are saying about “The Complete Spanner’s Manual:

ScooterMD Services, Canada
This book is amazing! It's full of photos and descriptive captions and it's all in colour! I suggest you get your hands on one. It covers all Series 3's and goes into performance tuning as well. Probably the best Lambretta manual there will ever be.

Lambretta Works USA
Sticky has delivered a painstakingly researched and well laid out manual that is sure to become "The Lambretta Bible".

Terry White, Rapid Industrial Fasteners:
What an excellent piece of work it is, in the future I fail to see how any owner could possibly be without this book. The old Workshop Manual will become a collector’s item from now on.

Jon, International Scooterist BBS:
I just got mine from the UK. It's worth every shilling!

Rick_Enbacker, LCGB forum:
A godsend - you won't be disappointed!

A superbly detailed manual with colour photos and attention to detail, highly recommended!

BellaVespa, Scooterboy World forum:
I'd definitely recommend it. Glenn hasn't put it down since I got it for his birthday.

Lloydy’s Lambrettas:
I haven't been able to put it down!

Motorcycle Trader trade journal:
The Complete Spanner's Workshop Manual for Lambretta Scooters' contains stacks of pictures, tips, information and advice in a clear and thoughtfully written format. It is simply a must for every scooter enthusiast and dealer and deserves every success.

The Daily Star (8/8/04):
WELLER WORTH IT! Calling Paul Weller. There’s a new book out for you and other owners of 61-71 classic Lambrettas.

John F, International Scooterist BBS:
It's a great resource for Series III Lambrettas......tons of stuff I never knew about.

Dave Welford, Lambretta Club of Great Britain:
Quality read with some invaluable information, Like the top tips etc. Reads well and easy to follow. Should sell like hotcakes and quickly become the bible for Lambretta owners.

Rich G, International Scooterist BBS:
I have been working on Lambrettas since 1979 and can say without any hesitation that it is the best Lambretta manual in existence.

Ben Kemp, AF Rayspeed:
It's wonderful. Very clear colour pictures along with the descriptions make for easy to follow instructions ideal for scooterists without much confidence all the way to people with years of experience. I'm sure we will sell many of these. Thank you for putting your time in to this endeavour. At times it must have seemed like there would be no end to what could be included, but the result is a comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable read.


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