12.8. Gear Ratio Selection

Page 204:
4.9 drive ratio is obtained using a GP150 box with 18/48 sprockets not 16/46. An updated and corrected gearing chart can now be obtained from AF Rayspeed (www.afrayspeed.co.uk)
Spotted by: Mick Thompson (LCGB)
On: 5/9/04

Page 204
4.7 drive ratio is obtained using an LI150 gearbox with 17/47 sprockets (stretched 81 pitch chain) not 16/46 as listed.
Spotted by: Marcus Zadra (Lambretta Club Austria): also spotted by Vic Andreou (City of Cambridge Lambretta Club) and Peter Daniels (South Australia Lambretta Club)
On: 20/01/06)

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